As we are in permanent contact with plants and plant products as well as with the environment they are growing in, we at breeding botanicals international (bbi) are, more than others, relying on the protection of the nature, the plant biodiversity and its sustainable use.

As a consequence, we are committed to contribute our share to the protection and maintenance of plant biodiversity. Also, in our breeding and cultivation activities we attempt to keep the impact on the environment at a minimum, e.g. with respect to the use of fertilizers and pesticides. In our own interest and in the interest of the generations to come, we at bbi commit ourselves to employ environmentally sound technologies and principally act and behave sustainably in everything we do.

An important aspect of acting sustainably is the development of cultivation protocols for “wild-harvested” plants in strong demand; such cultivation protocols are suited to replace wild harvesting schemes and thus reduce a potential threat of over-utilization and subsequent genetic erosion.